Statue of Decebal

The statue of the Dacian king Decebal, it’s a statue of 55 m high, on a rocky shore of the Danube, between Eselita and Dubova, close to the city Orsova, Romania. The statue is representing Decebal, the last king of Daciaand it’s made in a rock. It’s the biggest sculpture in a stone made in Europe. Business man and historic Iosif Contsantin Dragan is the one who initiated this project between 1994 and 204. On the Serbian shore it’s an 2000 year old memorial plaque (“Tabula Traiana”), a monument rized by the enemy of king Deceb, the roman emperor Trajan, for marking the star of the campaign against Dacia, and for commemorating the Victories of 105 against Dacia. Under Decebal is a inscription made in Latin which says "DECEBAL REX - DRAGAN FECIT" (King Decebal, made by DRAGAN). Iosif Constantin Dragan has written various books about the Dacians and Thracians. He wanted also to make in Cluj a copy of Trajans Column, but this project was stopped.