Iron Gates 1

The Iron Gates 1 hydroelectric (in Serbian Хидроелектрана Ђердап) is the biggest hydroelectric on the Danube and it has a power of 1080MW. There is also the Iron Gates 2 hydroelectric, with a power of 250 MW. Both are exploited in partnership with the Serbian part, the Romanian and Serbian centrals have together 2160MW on Iron Gates 1 and 500MW on Iron Gates 2. The maximum capacity of the turbines is 8700 m³/s. The Iron Gates 1 hydroelectric is placed 15 km away from Drobeta Turnu Severin (up the river) and Iron Gates 2 is placed 60 Km away (down the river). The navigation is assured by lock’s on both sites of the objectives., both having a traffic capacity of 52.4 milion tones/year for loking into one part and 37.2 million tones/year for both sides. The hydroelectric Iron Gates 1 is one of the biggest constructions in Europe and the biggest on the Danube. His lake has a volume of 22 million m³ and it’s going from the barrage until the river Tisa. The lake covers mainly the Danube Gorge (the biggest one in Europe) between Bazias and Orsova. This area has a huge historical, archeological and touristic value. For protecting it’s value it vas included into the Iron Gates National Park. The Danube Gorge is one of the most impressive and attractive touristic zone, with it’s natural beauty and with it’s historical monuments which go back to the age of the roman empire. The ruins of the Drobeta camp and the bridge of Trajan over the Danube are only some of the attractions offered by to Iron Gates Museum of Drobeta Turnu Severin.