It’s a composite, having a surface of 215 ha and placed on the territory of the city Dubova, between the Valley Ogradena and Ogasu Turcului. In this area you can see the most narrow and grand part of the Danube Gorge, the Boilers Danube. Boilers Danube mean the area of the gorge between the mouth of the rivers Plavisevita and Ogradena, being made of 2 distinct parts: Big Boilers and Small Boilers, separated by a semicircular golf, the Dubova basin. Between Plavisevita and the Dubova Basin are the Big Boilers, with a length of 3.8 km, made by the limestone massif Big Ciucaru (318 m), which abrupt wals make the left margin of the river and Big Stribatul ( Veliki Strbac - 768 m ), on the Serbian Bank. Between the Dubova basin and Ogradena are the small boilers with a length of 3.6 km. They are made of the Small Ciucaru (313 m) and the small Stirbatu (Mali Strbac - 626 m) on Serbia.